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Athru Services partners with clients to successfully launch and manage key organizational initiatives.



Audience Segmentation

Many organizations define and segment their audience/customer base too narrowly or too broadly. Athru helps organizations look at their customers with fresh eyes, often leading to brand new opportunities.

Competitive Analysis

Athru can help you better understand the relative strengths and weaknesses of each competitor, and identify how to leverage that understanding for growth.

White Space Identification

Athru can help identify new markets for existing products/services, or new products/services to better serve your existing markets.

Differentiating Assets

Sometimes even the best organizations are fuzzy about the exact nature of their competitive advantage. Athru will help you gain clarity in this area.


Consensus Building

With an external perspective, Athru can help your organization make the best choice from among the available alternatives.

Stakeholder Identification

Athru encourages our clients to be aware of the diversity and complexity of stakeholder groups, and to effectively address the needs of each.

Process Facilitation

Athru can design and facilitate experiences for any size group that will sharpen the focus on the opportunity, identify the goals, and set the strategy.


Positioning Materials

Persuasive writing is at the heart of any effective marketing and communications strategy. This is an Athru sweet spot.

Public Relations

Athru has over 25 years of experience crafting and executing effective public relations strategies.


Athru can help you create distinctive, memorable and persuasive advertisements and videos for print, TV and web.

Speech Writing

Great speeches are not just for the political season! Whether it’s the CEO speaking to an industry group, or the VP of Marketing speaking at the annual sales meeting, Athru can create impactful speeches and effective talking points for any occasion.


Clarifying Objectives

Any initiative that starts with blurred objectives is unlikely to succeed. Athru makes sure that the objectives are aligned with strategic imperatives, clearly communicated, and kept at the forefront of the team’s thinking throughout the engagement.

Meeting Deadlines

Managing a new initiative is often an additional responsibility for the parties involved. Athru helps keep the project on time while respecting the schedules and everyday demands placed on our clients.

Driving Decisions

Athru empowers your group to make important decisions, and effectively communicate those decisions to all parties.