Athru Services LLC was formed in 2012 by Michael Devlin and Karin Kuta.  Named after the Irish word for “change,” Athru helps clients launch and manage significant initiatives, with a special emphasis on strategic planning, leadership development and change management.

Imagine what’s possible

In today’s fluid business environment, it is hard to precisely define the beginning or end of anything. Instead, busy executives tend to find themselves in the middle of everything. Athru helps our clients step back from the details, and begin to analyze, explore, and imagine what’s possible.

Rather than take the customer/audience for granted, we encourage our clients to think anew about which customers they serve, and with which product or service. And rather than be stifled by the constraints of current organizational norms, we help clients imagine effective new ways to plan, launch and manage organizational initiatives.

Tell your story

Whether the initiative has an internal or an external focus, precise, timely and persuasive communications are at the heart of all effective initiatives. Athru specializes in the creation and implementation of communication plans that ensure the buy-in of all critical stakeholders. We do that by relentlessly and creatively conveying the value and purpose of the initiative, thereby increasing the energy with which it is received, and the likelihood of its long-term sustainability.

Make it happen

At Athru, we are not interested in just the strategic aspect of change management. Because we believe that without superb execution, even the best strategy is likely to come undone. So, we become the external project managers - the conscience of the initiative. We work very hard to keep every project tightly on track, building consensus, driving decisions, setting and meeting deadlines. And we try to do all this with humor and charm so that we are always a welcome sight for our clients!